How to do a budget safari in Chobe National Park

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In northern Botswana, Chobe National Park has one of the largest concentrations of wildlife of the entire African continent. Famous for its elephants – there are an estimated 50 000 of them in the park, the biggest concentration in the world – Chobe is a fantastic destination and is unlike to disappoint even seasoned safari goers. Chobe is Botswana’s first national park and it’s also its most biologically diverse, with animals like lions, leopards, wild dogs, Roan and Sable antelopes, zebras, hyenas red lechwe, cheetahs and 450 species of birds spread across four different areas – grass woodland, two marsh areas and the Chobe Riverfront, which has the most game. It’s a great idea to combine a trip to Chobe National Park with a visit to Victoria Falls, which is only an hour’s drive away from Kasane, the closest town to Chobe. Here’s our guide for a budget safari in Chobe National Park.

How to travel to Chobe National Park on a budget

As with most African safari travel, if you go for the all-inclusive safari lodges which offer guided game drives, you’ll end up spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars. The budget alternative is to rent your own car in nearby Kasane and drive yourself around Chobe National Park, although it is advisable to rent a 4×4 (which is much more expensive than a sedan) and you will need some 4×4 driving experience to tackle the sandy roads in the park.

In terms of accommodation, Botswana is known for its pricey luxury lodges – out of many southern African safari destinations, Botswana is one of the most expensive so there isn’t a wealth of budget options like there are in parks such as Kruger. The best budget choice for Chobe is the Ihaha Campsite, which is within the park and offers a great location and a lovely river view (just be prepared for animals entering the campsite, as it is unfenced). You will need to have a 4×4 to reach Ihaha though. Just outside of the park borders is Chobe Safari Lodge, which has a campsite with a view of the Chobe River, and then further towards Kasane there are a few other budget accommodation options.

A better option in terms of ease and affordability than renting a 4×4 and driving yourself around the park is go on a budget safari to Chobe National Park on an overland truck, where your meals, accommodation and park entrance fees are included. This way you won’t have to worry about driving on dirt roads or finding accommodation – it’s the totally fuss free route!

We have lots of options for budget Chobe National Park safaris (most of which combine travel to Okavango Delta and other nearby destinations such as Moremi and Victoria Falls) where you’ll camp inside the park and spend your days doing game drives and river cruises on the Chobe River.

Here are some of our popular Chobe Tours :

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What to do on a Chobe National Park safari

In addition to land-based game drives, you shouldn’t miss the chance to see wildlife from the water in Chobe National Park. Go in the late afternoon for the best light and to see elephants bathing in the river. You can often get closer to wildlife when you’re in a boat as opposed to being in a car, so you’re likely to have some fantastic sightings!

The best time go to the Chobe National Park on safari

The rainy season, which runs from November to March, is a good time to visit the park if you want to spot birds and see baby animals, as this is when they are born. Please keep in mind though that weather patterns in South Africa are becoming unpredictable, especially due to the global warming that is causing major climate changes. Finding the best time of year to go very much depends on what it is you would like to see. Feel free to chat to one of our experienced agents to find out what will suit your needs.

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