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Will I be safe on a Safari in Africa?

As a traveller, no matter where you are going, if you use sensible precautions and follow some basic safety tips, you will be safe.

– Crime is everywhere so one needs to constantly be aware of your possessions and whereabouts.

– Keep your valuables hidden by means of a money belt or in the safe of your hotel or overland tour.

– Leave expensive jewellery at home.

– Do not walk around at night and instead arrange a taxi – these are easily arranged and inexpensive.

– When travelling in Africa in local markets only carry a minimum amount of cash with you. Your guides will advise you on a safe amount to carry when going into local markets.

– Exchange money only at the bank or foreign exchange offices in town – do not exchange money with locals as they’ll simply run away with your money and not return.

– Your travel insurance (which is compulsory on all overland trips) will cover you if the tour should be cancelled, the tour route changes due to unforeseen reasons or if you need medical assistance (medical air evacuation to a hospital).

– Check with your credit card company to ensure you have adequate cover, as not all credit card companies offer comprehensive cover. You can take out personal insurance for your handbag, cellphone and other valuables if you prefer.

– Look after your passport at all times.

– It is a good idea to bring certified photo copy of your passport + credit card + flight tickets + traveller cheques and keep at the bottom of your bag (separate to the originals) – these will come in handy in case your passport is stolen or lost.

– If you hire a car during your stay, lock your doors at night, don’t leave any items visible in the car and park your car in a well-lit area or parking garage at night.

– Finally, your guide is willing and able to share safety tips with you so if you are unsure of anything, feel free to ask them, they will be more than happy to assist you.

Happy and safe travels :)

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