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Africa Safaris Belong on Seniors Travel Bucket-lists

Reaching the age of 65 is often a dreaded thought for many people. Why is that?

Society and mass media has played a pivotal role in promoting youthfulness as the ultimate be all and end all. If being young means being vibrant, energetic and ready for action, why should we believe this sense of youthfulness fades once you turn 50.

Ageing is something that should be celebrated as you are reaching a point in your life where you are able to be unapologetically selfish. This is when you can truly start taking care of yourself by partaking in an African Safari suited for Seniors Travel.

From the moment you reach your twenties, life suddenly punches you in the gut with responsibilities and various other commitments. This point in your life is all about hustling and sacrificing for the glorious age of retirement. It’s sometimes only possible, as a senior, to reward your hard work and escape the mundane routine of your days. Seniors Travel is all about having fun while exploring the world.


Bonding on Tour


Senior Adventure Travel on the Rise

When looking for the perfect vacation, many seniors opt to board a cruise ship. Perhaps this is due to the fact that a cruise offers relaxation and fun, all in one. Additional benefits include the fact that you are able to stop off at various countries along the way.

Seniors will be pleasantly surprised that an overland Africa Safari Tour is very similar, omitting the seasickness of course. As with a cruise, your African safari takes care of the itinerary and travel plan, causing you less stress and hassle so you can enjoy the experience.

Depending on your youthfulness, a safari offers many adventurous activities throughout diverse countries in East and Southern Africa. Say goodbye to finding your sea legs and hello to finding your balance on a kayak in the Tstisikamma or Mokoro along Botswana’s waterways.

Moreover, the latest trends in Seniors Travel are tours geared towards adventure.

These usually include activities such as snorkelling, skydiving and so much more. Recent studies show that Adventure travel has proven to optimise energy levels, increase brain activity, improve fitness and overall health; both physically and spiritually. So why not do yourself justice and join in on that action?


Kayak in the Tsitsikamma

African Group Tours Are a Great Choice For Seniors Travel


Ask yourself these questions:

Am I looking for fun?
Do I want to meet new people?
Am I willing to step out of my comfort zone?
Do I want an authentic experience in Africa?
Am I spontaneous and do I embrace the unexpected?

If you answered yes to the above, you are guaranteed one of the greatest experiences on a group tour in Africa. Luckily you are right where you need to be, as our selection of Africa Tours offer various travel styles, destinations and budgets which will certainly match your needs.

Best African Tours for Seniors

However, if its luxury you’re after, maybe you should stick to the cruise liner, as this overland safari adventure is rough around the edges. Go have a read on what an African overland safari is and we can pick up where we left off here.

While it will depend on the route you take, a small group African safari is not a 5 star holiday. Think rather along the lines of getting to know the locals, game drives in a bumpy 4×4 and approaching new heights with incredible views before having to walk back down. Challenges aside, there are so many advantages when it comes to this style of travel. You will be humbled by this experience and create cherished memories to share with your eager friends and family.

Just because African Overlanding is adventure-packed, does not mean the comfort element is eliminated. You have the option to choose between a camping tour or an accommodated one. Accommodated tours are recommended for seniors travel as they offer more comfort to rest your weary legs after action-packed days and a place of relaxation on rest days.


Overland Truck in Africa


What Seniors Can Expect on Group African Adventures

Before delving into the logistics, there should be no expectations but to have the best time of your life. Be optimistic about any bumps in the road, literally and figuratively. Make the most of any situation. A flat tyre? Go explore within a close radius and come back to the truck later to share what you have discovered.

Travelling in Groups

African safari tours for seniors are honestly the best kind of tours. As a senior, you have a captive audience around the campfire at night, eagerly listening to you recount your life’s adventures. Similarly, group travel allows you to meet other people from all over the world and find connections making your life richer.


Camping Tour


Travelling with a varied age group has so many benefits as you might do some activity that you never imagined due to the friendly persuasion of a younger tour-mate. Although, you might prefer to interact with less people on your tour, and in these instances a small group tour (maximum 16 travellers) will give you the opportunity to do just that.

Travel Time

Senior travellers should bear in mind that life on the road can involve many hours in the seat of the overland truck. These are par for the course when covering long distances between destinations on your tour itinerary. While you wait for the next highlight, simply sit back and have a chat, read the newspaper or a book. Better yet, gaze out the window at the diverse landscape and spot some wildlife.


Meals on Tour


Meals on tour

Your overland tour will include various meals throughout, some with 3 meals a day and other days with just breakfast which allows you to enjoy the restaurants on offer at that destination. You will surely appreciate the delicious local cuisine as your palette wades in on the adventure.

Additionally, you might also find an occasion where everyone comes together to prepare a meal for the group. Here you are able to share cooking tips from each background and potentially incorporate that into the meal. On semi participation tours, you may be asked to assist with clean up too. This will further enhance the bonding experience.

Why Senior Travel Groups in South Africa are popular

South Africa is definitely one of the top destinations within the continent of Africa. This is mainly due to the fact that its one of the most developed countries.

South Africa tours offer an alternative perspective to the remote African experience. It offers cosmopolitan cities and a growing art, food and music scene in destinations such as Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Here, it might feel like a home away from home as it emphasises comfort and relaxation. On your South Africa Tour, you will enjoy top destination highlights such as the famous Kruger National Park (home to the Big 5), The Garden Route, a selection of Wine Tours, Table Mountain National Park, various scenic beach views and so much more.

Given its history, South Africa has transformed in many ways as the country continues to strive toward a progressive and just future for all. It is bursting with rich heritage and a variety of cultures. There are 11 official languages and you should challenge yourself to learn how to say ‘hello’ in all of them prior to arrival – just for fun.

Top South African Tours for Seniors

What to Consider as a Senior Traveller in Africa

Just because you carry more wisdom in years, does not mean you are incapable of living to your full potential. As mentioned earlier, being a senior is just a mindset but safety always comes first.

  • As a senior traveller, you may be requested to provide a medical certificate from your doctor. This is required by our tour operators to ensure you are fit to travel.
  • A certain degree of fitness is required when on an African Safari. You do not have to be an Olympic medallist, but if you can walk for 5 kilometres, you are the perfect candidate for these kinds of tours!
  • African overlanding is absolutely safe for any age. However, travel insurance is always required to cover you for any potential loss or medical emergency and you will be comforted to know you have relief in these unfortunate situations.


African Elephant Safari


Ultimately, life is short, and the culmination of all your hard work should be celebrated. This year is the time to spoil yourself, as you never know what tomorrow holds. Your Africa Adventure will revive your body and soul. There is no better time to kick off your trip of a lifetime than today!

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Nadine is a wide eyed traveler fascinated with people and cultures that shape a landscape. Her African heritage has contributed to her compassion and curiosity for learning more about her local environment and those far flung.
Article by: Nadine Maneveld
on March 6, 2022
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